Hi I’m Courtni StarHeart and I am the founder of the Church of Natural Law.

I am a traditionally trained spiritual guide, or Medicine Woman, specializing in bridging and sharing lineage shamanic culture.

Here at the Church of the Natural Law, we support people in their journey to personal empowerment, by training with ancient shamanic wisdom, translated for today’s modern seeker.

Why is this lineage Shamanic wisdom so important?

I can tell you from personal experience why.

Are you seeking the Quest of a lifetime into your Inner World? Interested in Psychedelics, Shamanism or Healing? If you're taking the Journey within you'll want to know how to navigate your Inner World. These Modules (with written classes and videos, drum journeys) give you exercises, tools and guided Journal prompts.


Your Inner Journey depends on your practice, and we give you the techniques to Map Your Inner World. If you were going to another country, you would want a map, a compass, and cultural knowledge as well as language.

Our goal is to provide you with the best tools possible for your Inner Journey, or your Inter-Dimensional Travel. As lineage Medicine and Wisdom Keepers, we carry ancient wisdom that psychonauts, visionaries and healers have used since paleolithic times around the world. We have carefully curated information and techniques for you to make the most of your journey.

Knowing that we have several aspects to us, our Purpose, Body, Emotions, and Mentality, is really important when going within. It's essentially a Compass which allows you to navigate other worlds where the Inner World becomes more apparent to us.

We will share Quests (quick, choose your-own-adventure classes for self-development), Journeys (5-week Courses for Mastery) and Tours (Preparation for Sacred Sites in MesoAmerica) as companions to our Church Medicine Retreats. ChurchOfTheNaturalLaw.org

Shamanic lineage and doctoral level studies allow the author (Courtni StarHeart Hale) to share high level bridged information for you to have a successful quest with or without Medicine.  

Quests (modules) include videos, journal prompts, shamanic drumming, and exercises. Each course builds on the one before and there are many future Quests, infinite adventures into the Spirit World, the Dreamtime, or the Inner World, NOR (non-ordinary reality).

Plant Medicine, such as Ayahuasca, allows us to see into our Inner World momentarily, like a flare. If we have prepared beforehand and dome some surveying work, these emotional and energetic, metal landscapes of a “foreign land” will not surprise us.